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With VorTech Hosting, expect the best, plus get the following and more with every hosting plan.

  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
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VorTech Network & Servers

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VorTech Hosting's Data Center is one of the most network rich, interconnected data centers in the NYC metro area. Located in Hackensack, NJ utilizing over 1000 servers with high-end custom XEON and P-IV Servers for ultra-reliable and super-fast connectivity running 100% uptime.

Bandwidth Utilization

VorTech Hosting's has the infrastructure in place to grow as your business grows. With ample space, power, redundant utilities systems, and expert technical support, VorTech Hosting can design your configuration to scale as your IT requirements change and expand.
We understand your high capacity networking requirements and have built a high-density infrastructure ready for your network needs today and to future proof your growth moving forward.

Data/Colocation Center

Our data center provides N+2 UPS and diesel generator power backup. Custom primary power feed and also sustains multiple backup feeds from various substations provided from PSEG. In the unfortunate event of a blackout our generator (Caterpillar 600kw Generator with N+1 Configuration) is prepared to sustain our data center over 24 hours while having the potential to be refueled easily, maintaining that your server has 100% uptime.


VorTech Hosting provides connections to multiple backbones to ensure the fastest possible delivery of data to your end-users. Our network utilizes high-speed switched Ethernet and we connect with multiple tier-1 upstream providers for redundancy and optimal routing of your traffic. We provide transit from a number of backbone providers to ensure your users receive the fastest access to your Web site and fast packet return delivery.

Guaranteed Packet Delivery

VorTech Hosting offers superior reliability of data by guaranteeing minimal packet loss in the network. And, we work with our network providers to ensure that all packets leave our network at the highest contracted speeds and are delivered to your end-users. We provide best-in-industry performance guarantees on uptime, network speed, and reliability by way of minimal packet loss.

Network Providers

Our Network Providers are also our Technology Partners. They work with us to establish best-of-breed services for our network access, and they provide carrier services to our colocation customers. We have selected tier-1 upstream providers that deliver peering access for optimal routing.

Network Services

The VorTech managed network provides our customers with fully redundant, high speed, state-of-the-art network access and the added benefit of working through VorTech Inc., your single vendor for systems, managed services, and connectivity.


Scale your server configurations to the needs of your business. Outsourcing your infrastructure allows you to start small, with only the hardware you require, and build your network as your needs grow. And yet, you benefit from the amenities of a large data center with high-speed network access.

Operating System Flexibility

We recognize that different platforms excel in different applications and hosting. We have developed expertise in multiple platforms to allow customers to select the platform that meets their performance and budget needs. Customers can select from Latest Windows server platforms, as well as Linux, Cloud Linux, Ubantu or Debian OS.

Web Monitoring and Performance Testing

We offer Web monitoring and performance testing as an option to our customers. This testing includes stress and load testing to ensure your online business can handle projected traffic, scalability, and performance expectations. Web monitoring gives you critical insights into the performance of your online transactions, your Web pages, and your media streams.